Client testimonials - F*it Personal Training, Swansea


Here are some of the stories of the amazing humans I’ve worked with. Many thanks to all the clients who have allowed me to include their testimonials here.

“I really enjoyed training with Hannah. She put together several strength and flexibility sessions for me that complemented my triathlon training. I intend to use them the again now I am in the ‘off season’ and hope to see Hannah again in the new year, time and money permitting. I have recommended Hannah to others.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that when I was following Hannah’s programme in the spring this year I went on to finish First Woman at my first triathlon of the season! I also made it through the year relatively injury free, despite considerably upping my distances to complete my first iron-distance triathlon (Long Course Weekend). I think the strength and conditioning we had done at the start of the year helped build a great foundation for the rest of my training.”


“Prior to training with Hannah, I didn’t feel like the gym was a place I ‘belonged’. I detested and dreaded P.E in school, and the idea of jogging had never appealed to me. As a queer, transgender person and certified weirdo, I was worried I’d stand out among the gender-conforming normies that frequent the gym. Seeing a fellow weirdo like Hannah improving her mental and physical health (and generally being hardcore) by going to the gym, inspired me to be more active, become stronger, and improve my mental health too.

Hannah has been understanding of my brain ills and recognises the validity of my gender (and the need for changing facilities for people that are neither ‘male’ or ‘female’). She has talked with me about what I want to achieve with, and change about, my body, has encouraged me to eat regularly, and has helped me feel like I (and other non-men) belong in the weights area too.

I cannot emphasise enough how supportive, encouraging, and helpful Hannah has been. I never thought I’d have the confidence to go to the gym alone, but now instead of it being a scary, daunting place, it is more of a place I can come to clear my mind, work off stress, and escape from things. I am now eating more regularly, going to the gym three times a week, and can do a headstand! Hannah has taught me how to lift weights and use gym equipment, but she has also taught me to believe in myself :)”


Rohan makes beautiful artwork which you can see here. They also share their gym (and other) adventures on Instagram and do headstands whenever – and wherever – they can.

“From a personal point of view, [Hannah] has helped me without pressure or unachievable goals. She is understanding, motivational and has made me really consider why I want to be fitter. This is fitness for the mind, rather than just focusing on visible weight loss which can take a while for some people.

I suffer from a chronic illness and that is all taken into account and consideration with everything we plan together for gym sessions. She celebrates my successes rather than highlights anything I haven’t managed.

Best of all, she is a friend to anyone, not just a personal trainer.”


“The utterly awesome Hannah is a fantastic personal trainer. She has given me the ability to enjoy strength based exercise which I started to increase my flexibility and (mostly core) strength, but has had the wonderful unexpected benefit of improving my joints (knees and hips had pretty constant pain before, now they hardly even click), and my hands don’t hurt at all anymore!

I really enjoy it (anyone that knows me knows that in the past I would say I mostly hated exercise), and I easily fit it round the kids (who due to being home ed are always with me). If you can’t/don’t want to go to a gym she will tailor exercises for you to do at home (which is what I do), and the only piece of equipment I needed to buy was a yoga mat. She is LGBTQ friendly and has huge understanding of mental health issues. I highly recommend you check her out!”


If you’d like to discuss becoming a F*it client, you can contact me here.