About Sports Massage Therapy

I am very pleased to say that I now also offer my services as a Sports Massage Therapist. Sports massage is the perfect compliment to personal training, and combining the two can lead to a very deep understanding of your body.

Just as with personal training, I am highly concerned with making you feel at ease. I want you to get the most from your massage and will do my utmost to ensure that you have a relaxing experience that leaves you feeling more mobile than before.

Please note, massage and personal training are available separately. Current personal training clients benefit from discounted rates.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a type of therapy targeted towards preventing or correcting injuries related to sport and other physical activity. Although sports massage is also relaxing, it also usually involves more intense, targeted techniques that  may help to reduce muscle tension.

You will receive approximately 45-50 minutes of massage in an hour session. The remaining time will be given to assessing the injury or problem area and demonstrating stretches and strengthening exercises that you can do at home.

I am also able to incorporate elements of Thai Massage and Therapeutic Acroyoga into your massage. Please let me know if this is something you would like to include.

What can I expect from a sports massage treatment?

  • Assessment of the injury or problem area.
  • Approximately 45 minutes of massage. Techniques which may be used include: effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction, compression, vibration, soft tissue release (STR), muscle energy techniques (MET) and trigger point release.
  • Teaching of stretching and/or strengthening exercises which will be beneficial to your areas of restricted movement.

Where can I receive Sports Massage?

Sports Massage treatments can be given at The Gym, Swansea, or alternatively at your own home (space permitting – subject to a £10 surcharge, please see prices below).


“Hannah is very professional and informative. I felt like I was in safe hands which was reassuring as I am someone who struggles with feeling comfortable enough to let someone massage me. While working on me she found that my Latissimus Dorsi are very tight which is really useful to know as I’ve been struggling with getting the correct form while in bridge. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Hannah again! ”


“Hannah’s professional and friendly manner put me completely at ease. She quickly identified the problem with my back and did a very thorough treatment. My back felt more relaxed and less painful by the end. ”


“Both massages I have had with you have been very good. You are very professional in your approach, and I felt you really listened to my concerns and used all your knowledge experience (from your PT work as well as your massage training) to work on the problem. Alongside this, though, you are so friendly and non-judgemental and kind that I felt totally at ease throughout both treatments. ”


“Excellent experience! For me, it was the right level of professionalism. The massage was very helpful in the short term, and there were plenty of suggestions for tackling the problem in the long term.”



Sports Massage treatment (1 hour) – £30

Block of 4 Sports Massage treatments – £110

Sports Massage treatment (1 hour) for current personal training clients – £25

Home visit surcharge – £10