Reinforcing Resolutions

I’m offering 6 weeks of Personal Fitness Training for a special price of £120 for the New Year. Learn more about how to make it past January and keep your fitness resolutions below.

Many people want to form a regular fitness habit in the New year and join a new gym to do so. However, often by February they terminate their membership. What’s happening to those great intentions and how can you avoid the same pitfall? Working with a personal trainer can help.

Turning good intentions into great habits

One of the main indicators of long term fitness success is how much of a habit you form early on. One study suggests that the optimum is to work out four times a week for the first six weeks and that additionally you should keep your initial workouts simple and easy to achieve. This will mean exercise quickly becomes something you can do without thinking which will ultimately help you to keep your fitness resolutions.

A really effective session can last as little as 30 minutes. Making time for this four times a week could lead to some serious health benefits and give you the impetus to continue long into the future. Although this may seem daunting, remember that this only adds up to two hours a week. The improvements in your day-to-day life will show it to be a great investment of time and energy.

Reinforce Your Resolution

I’d love to be there to give you a helping hand because it’s also known to be easier to make changes with one simple thing: supervision.

I see many people come to the gym without prior knowledge or a plan for monitoring their progress, putting them at a disadvantage for seeing results from their efforts. As someone who sees this far too regularly, I feel a great sense of frustration on their behalf! Support both inside and outside the gym can give you the push you need to make it into February and far beyond, as well as ensuring you’re challenging yourself enough to see tangible progress. A supervised program from me gives you structure, encouragement, help being accountable for your intentions and better health outcomes in a shorter time. You also get your own personal cheerleader 🙂

How I Can Help You

Everyone needs support and encouragement to keep them on track 🙂

In order to help address all this, F*it has a special offer aimed at beating the pitfalls outlined above. You’ll receive all my usual help and support at a discounted price and the express intention of getting you past the January hurdle and into the future. For more details of what you can expect from training with F*it, read here.

Available to everyone paying in advance and planning to start their training with F*it in January 2017. You can train either at The Gym (membership required) or in your home within 3 miles of the City Centre.

To discuss training with me or to ask any questions then please do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

Key facts and figures

At F*it I will always try to give you accurate information. Below you will find a summary of the key points made above and links to the research to back it up.

  • People quit gyms in February/March – article here.
  • Work out four times a week for six weeks and keeping things simple increases long-term gym attendance – study abstracts here and here.
  • Supervised fitness programmes enhance the chance of long-term success – study abstract here and here.









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