Roundup: My Training Equipment Recommendations

Versatile training equipment doesn’t need to be costly or take up tonnes of space

Recently I’ve been asked a lot to give recommendations for the equipment that I use in my training and with clients. I try to keep extra equipment use to a minimum and prefer to improvise, so when I do buy things I really want them to be worth their price!

Below is a list of things that I use regularly and would recommend. Where possible I’ve linked to the exact product I purchased but where that’s not possible there is a link to a product which is a good substitute. I’ll keep this list updated with new purchases and would love to hear your recommendations too!

In order to be totally transparent with you, I’d like to let you know that where a link goes to Amazon it is an associate link. That means that I get a small amount of money for anything purchased through that link. I do not, however, receive anything from the company before I’ve bought it that might colour my recommendation to buy it in the first place.

Mini Resistance Band AKA Hip Circle

The true Hip Circle is only available from this website but it is a truly magnificent piece of kit. Although it isn’t cheap, I’ve had mine for over 3 years and it’s only now showing slight signs of wear and tear. Truly, your glutes will thank you 😛

Hip Circle Resistance Band Miniband recommendations
It’s super hard to take interesting pictures of these 😉

If the price of the original is a bit steep for you, there are many similar bands available on Amazon, including this one here. Though I haven’t purchased this one myself, the reviews are good and in terms of dimensions it is very similar to the Hip Circle. These bands are superb for glute work but are also amazingly good for other leg work, such as Psoas Marches. They make even the simplest exercise MUCH harder. In a good way 😉

My one bit of advice would be to stay away from the thin latex bands which tend to roll up and dig in to your skin. Stick with the thicker ones.

Longer Resistance bands

Longer resistance bands are amazing for working out away from home. They’re also superb for assisting with things like pull-ups and triceps dips, or providing an extra challenge on exercises like hip thrusts.

resistance band assisted pullup
How to look cool in playgrounds…

The bands I use are from Valhalla Fitness and they’ve served me well for over two years now. As well as their excellent name, they come in a wide range of resistances so you can find something ideal for your level of fitness. I have used mine a lot and there are no signs of wear or tear whatsoever yet.

long resistance bands valkyrie valhalla fitness
Workout like a Viking 😛

You can buy a single band from the link above, two bands here (for different exercises or for helping you to progress), and three bands here.

If you also want to dazzle in a F*it t-shirt or vest while you’re busting out some overhead pulling work, head on over to my clothing store 😛

Squat pad

iron bull squat pad hip thrust
Your hips will thank you, I promise 🙂


A good squat pad is absolutely essential if you do a lot of hip thrusting. They become a much more tempting exercise when you know you won’t have sore hips the next day! I have a truly superb Iron Bull squat pad which is absolutely perfect for hip thrusts and incredibly comfortable. Although it isn’t cheap, it’s great quality and much better than other squat pads I’ve seen in gyms.

Gymnastics Rings

Gymnastics rings are one of my favourite pieces of training equipment, even though at the moment I can only use them for the basics. They only get more challenging and fun as your strength develops! Even if you’re not about to start doing any serious gymnastics moves on them, using them for TRX-type exercises will add variety and difficulty to your workouts. They also make things like pullups and planks much, MUCH harder. Again, in a good way 🙂

I have wooden rings like those above and also the plastic ones in the picture below. I love taking them on holiday and stringing them up from climbing frames or trees to work on some inverted rows or pull ups. My son loves playing on them too!

Pull Up Bars

Absolutely vital for a home gym set up, a pull up bar will do serious things for your upper body strength. You can also use it as a suspension point for your gymnastics rings, and add assistance with your long resistance bands.

There are two types; one which hooks on a standard doorframe and another which uses pressure to attach to the frame. The pressure type can leave marks on the frame and is more prone to failure than the former. Either type will provide you with some seriously challenging exercises and I personally find it useful to have both.

At the moment I only have bars which have been gifted to me and so have no buying experience. If you can recommend good pull up bars to me then I would love to hear from you!

Do you have any recommendations to share? If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below 🙂













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