Joshua Sleith and Natalia Virdee - acroyoga outside

AcroYoga Workshop with Joshua and Natalia

Come and Fly!

Join me for an acroyoga workshop with the amazing Joshua and Natalia. This is their first full-day workshop in Wales! You all know how much I adore acroyoga and I can’t wait to share that enthusiasm at this wonderful event!

About the Acroyoga Workshop

The workshop will take place on Sunday November 10th 2019 at the beautiful Swansea Pole & Aerial Academy on Union Street in central Swansea. We’ll begin at 10am and spend the day exploring acroyoga from the ground up.

All levels are welcome to this workshop, including absolute beginners to acro. We aim to make a welcoming space for people to explore their own playfulness, challenge their fears and find themselves doing things they never expected to! Acroyoga is all about trust. As part of that we’ll be making sure that everyone has the skills they need to keep themselves and others safe during our practice.

The day will be split into two three hour sessions with a long lunch break in between. Drinks and snacks will be provided and all participants are asked to bring a dish to share for lunch. Please make all food vegetarian.

This is what we’ll be working on.

These are dynamic transitions that start and end with the flyer on the floor; throughout the sequence the base and flyer are in constant motion, without any static poses visible. They are quick, exciting and fun. Each in-and-out contains multiple layers: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Actually Good 3 People Acro
There is some 3 people acro out there to find, but quite often it is clunky and anything but smooth. This workshop will show you how awesome 3 people acro can be when it’s done well.

This might seem like a long day to be exercising but there will be lots of opportunities for rest. Everyone will be encouraged to work to their own energy levels.

The workshop costs just £45 which includes plenty of drinks and snacks to keep us going! You can pay either by PayPal to or by bank transfer (email me at the same address for details).

If you need to pay in installments please do let me know. If you need to cancel for any reason up to November 9th then all money will be refunded minus any PayPal fees.

There is no parking at the venue. Parking is free in council car parks on a Sunday. Access to the studio is up two flights of stairs.

About the Teachers

Joshua Sleith and Natalia Virdee - acroyoga outsideNatalia & Joshua met on the 27th of January 2016 and it was love at first acro, they’ve been practicing with one another ever since. Together they have built a community in south Devon, UK; facilitating jams, classes, and hosting international AcroYoga teachers in their home at the benefit of their community and others. Their practice has since expanded to international teaching themselves, traveling Europe sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm. Their ethos is mindful and controlled movement with particular emphasis on smooth execution and impeccable technique. They also value personal insights offered by acro practice about trust, control, fear, failure and partnerships. The key aspect of their teachings are the joy and creativity of movement in acroyoga. It is not only about being able to do the trick, acro movement is all about the process, the playful exploration of our current edges and possibilities.

Both Natalia & Joshua have spent their time together travelling the globe learning the practice of AcroYoga from a variety of world renowned teachers. They were the first ever participants of the Ladybase Private Teacher Training, Indonesia, in April of 2018 and completed the VanCityAcro Teacher Training, Bordeaux, in July of 2018 & in Devon, England in May 2019.

Things to Bring

  • A yoga or pilates mat
  • Comfortable, flexible clothing to wear for activities. Leggings, tracksuit bottoms and close fitting tops are ideal. Loose clothing tends to get caught up or fall in your face when you’re upside down!
  • Warm clothes to wear during rest periods. The building is listed and can be a bit chilly.
  • A water bottle, mug for hot drinks, and a plate and cutlery for lunch.
  • A dish to share for lunch. Vegetarian only please.
  • And most importantly, a sense of adventure, your playful nature and a willingness to explore!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at I’m so looking forward to flying with you!

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