The benefits of fitness! F*it Personal Training Swansea

About you

The focus of personal training here at F*it is helping people to find ways of really enjoying fitness. That’s what enables someone to work it into their life in a long-term, sustainable way.

There are many reasons people want to improve their health and fitness. First and foremost, I promise not to assume what yours are. We’ll take time in the initial consultation discussing what you’re trying to achieve and working out how to get you there.

Who is personal training with F*it for?

I’m excited to work with you whatever your background is, but you’re particularly welcome to contact me if:

  • mental health is an issue for you
  • you think you’re not a “gym person”
  • developing better body image and a more compassionate relationship with your body is important to you
  • you would like daily life to be easier through being stronger and more mobile

What time and resources do you need to have available?

I ask for a commitment to training for at least three hours a week. Less than three hours is unlikely to bring you visible progress, making it hard for you to stay motivated in the long term. Even if only one hour is with me, your programme will provide you with guidance for your other training sessions.

For gym-based training you will need to have a membership at The Gym, Swansea.

For home-based training, you will simply need some floor space for us to work on. If you do have any training tools (resistance bands, weights or a yoga ball, for instance) that’s a bonus. However, I can also plan you challenging workouts which use absolutely no equipment at all.

Bringing Your Commitment

The most important ingredient in any personal training relationship is your commitment. Without that, even the most knowledgeable and dedicated trainer will be unable to  get results. With that commitment to action, I can provide the rest.

Do you feel like you’re ready to take the next step? Get in touch with me to get started.

Please note that I am currently unable to work with pregnant or post-partum women (including until six months after the birth), those with serious health conditions or anyone under the age of 18.