The real benefits of fitness! L-R: basing two other people, climbing one of the trickier routes up Snowdon, at the summit of Pen-Y-Fan.

About The Photos

You might have noticed a distinct lack of gym-based pictures in the photos on this website. On my Instagram account I do post gym photos; they’re helpful for checking form and for sharing something exciting I’ve managed that day. They are also a very small part of what improving my health and fitness means to me.

I want to show you something different.

The Real Benefits of Fitness

Every photo you see around this website shows you something that either I, or one of my clients, can do because we have been consistent and dedicated in improving our fitness. That might mean walking up a mountain, doing headstands all over the place or playing with our children in ways we wouldn’t have been able to before. It might also mean conquering an old fear or facing a new situation with more confidence than we feel we could have mustered in the past.

The benefits of fitness start to make themselves known in your workouts, but soon they ripple outwards into all aspects of your life. I have done so many things, both physically and mentally, that I never thought I would do because I now have belief in myself.  Strength training has taught me how to set myself challenges, make a plan, work consistently and then overcome those challenges.

Learning this about myself has taken me up mountains, along tree-top obstacle courses, through periods of poor mental health and up into the air despite a huge fear of flying.

Where might it take you?

You can read more about the benefits that training with F*it has brought into my client’s lives here.