Hannah Buddle - F*it Personal Training, Swansea

About Personal Training

Personal training has a wide array of benefits for people at all levels of fitness. Whether you are starting out and want guidance and encouragement or are a seasoned gym-goer looking for a new direction or help past a plateau, having a trainer can make all the difference to your success.

Here’s an outline of what you can expect as a F*it client:

  • In-person or online personal training sessions with me to help you to stay consistent and make solid progress.
  • A free, in-depth consultation covering your lifestyle, diet, barriers to success and individual goals (in-person or by Skype).
  • A structured, individual programme suitable for your availability, current fitness level and goals.
  • Unlimited support with diet, exercise and behaviour.
  • Ongoing progress tracking of your choosing.
  • Weekly tasks to help build positive habits.
  • Evidence-based strategies for making real changes to your health in the long-term.
  • A personal cheerleader 🙂

My Approach

I want to support you to feel confident in your chosen training environment, whether that’s at the gym or at home. Feeling confident and getting results are what turn fitness from a chore into something you love. We’ll achieve this by discussing your programme so you understand why you’re performing each exercise. We’ll then work on developing good technique in each face-to-face session.

Ongoing Support

Between our in-person sessions (or Skype sessions if you are an online client) I will provide you with as much support as you need to get the most out of your programme. You may have questions, be struggling with motivation or need help making adhoc changes because of illness, injury or other life stuff getting in the way. You may even just want to tell someone who understands how good it feels about your kick-ass training that day! Whatever the reason, I am your personal trainer every day of the week – not just for our scheduled sessions.

Sustainable Behaviour Change

Although we’ll be primarily training your body, fitness has a surprising amount to do with the mind. We’ll work to change any self-sabotaging behaviour you may have when it comes to your health. This will help you to build positive changes into your life in the long-term. I will always encourage you to develop self-compassion towards yourself and pride in what your body can do, rather than just how it looks.

Learning For The Long-term

As part of your training I will also try to educate you as much as I can about diet, exercise and your body so that you will be better informed for years to come. This will include how to physically and mentally work around setbacks, holidays, stressful periods in your life and anything else that might disrupt your training.

What I Won’t Do

There are some things which I very definitively will not do, including prescribing diet plans (I’m not a qualified dietician), supporting you in unsustainable practices such as crash-dieting, or encouraging an unhealthy or obsessive relationship with food or exercise. I believe in balance, building long-term habits step-by-step and cutting yourself some slack when you need it. You will never hear me advocating a “no pain, no gain” mentality. Instead we’ll work on listening to your body’s signals and working with them to train effectively without overdoing it and causing injury.

Prices (as of 1/1/18)

All training with F*it includes support to help you past any mental or physical barriers that you face, as much tweaking of your programming as you need and my services as your personal cheerleader 🙂

Face-to-face training

£25 per hour with a 10% discount when paying for more than one session in advance. This can be either at home (within 3 miles of Swansea City Centre) or at The Gym Swansea (contingent on you having a membership) –

This includes a tailored programme and as much support between face-to-face sessions as you need. Meeting regularly with a trainer is a fantastic way to start a fitness habit or keep one going in the long-term.

Online Training

£30 a month. This includes a tailored programme, as much online support (email, WhatsApp or other medium of your choice) as you need and the opportunity for a Skype-based training session/support session once a month.

Online training can be very flexible in what it provides and how it is delivered, depending on your requirements and your current training levels. What it can’t do is make you exercise. If you have trouble getting motivated to exercise, I would advise face-to-face sessions at least to start with. If you’re more in need of a structured programme, help with technique or someone to squeal at about your achievements, then online training could work well for you.

If this sounds like an approach that would work for you, please contact me for a free consultation.